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Some Info on Angel

  • Name: Angela
  • Nicknames: Angel, Tenshi, Jujutsu No Tenshi, Ju-chan
  • Likes: Anime, Manga, Japanese Culture, The Arts, VB
  • Dislikes: Being Inferior to others
  • Favourite Colour: dark purples and black
  • Favourite Food: Sushi!!! ^.^
  • Favourite School Subject: Computers, Music, Drama
  • Worst School Subject: Math
  • Favourite Anime: CCS, Flame of Recca, Evangelion, Kodocha, and many others
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  • Personal Message:
    I'm so sorry that I've been taking this site for granted...I get so many hits, and I never update. Well these two entirely sleepless nights are for all you poor neglected users. I hope you enjoy.