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If You Want To See Card Captors Brought Back To WB,
Read On!

Dear Warner Brothers Corporation:

My name is Tonya Marie Sisler, and I am a great fan of your television corporation. However, I have a complaint and a request. A while ago, your corporation took the show Card Captors, owned by Clamp, off the air. This was very upsetting to thousands of fans everywhere. If you check the fan Internet sites, the variety went from approximately 100 sites to only thirty (

I am not sure if there was a sort of problem between your corporation and Clamps, or even Nelvana, but removing it from the air upset Card Captors fans everywhere, including this fan. I am 15 years old, and my request is could you possibly restore the show to the Saturday morning line-up? If not by the next season then the one after that?

I have a petition of one thousand viewers that would like the show to be restored, as well as the finishing of the first and second series. You see, the Japanese version, in some aspects, is a tad too racy for children viewers, but the small romance between the leading characters (Sakura Avalon and Li Showron) is nothing but expected. In addition, the absence of the first episodes as well as several more throughout the series is confusing as well as disappointing towards the fans. If you believe that showing the lead characters say 'I love you' to each other is dangerous for young kids to see, that is ridiculous. Just be proud that a corporation like yours is not showing a cartoon that crosses between N.Y.P.D. Blue and Looney Toons.

Therefore, please; I know it is possible; restore the show, and finish both series' episodes in the English language. I have requested of all of my signers to mail you a copy of the letter/petition so that you can be updated on how many signatures we achieve per day. I hope this does not slow down your operation, but also achieves to plainly show that I, along with my fellow fans, mean business. Thank you, and please proceed to read the following copy of signatures.

:I Agree: :I Disagree:

**Angel: My Support Is Entirely Behind Tonya, And You Can Bet My Name Will Be On That Petition. I'm Hoping That Some Fellow Fans Might Rally With Me! ^_^**