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Last Updated: August 12th -2:08 AM

For Starters...YAY! Someone claimed my prize for the 300th Visit. (Jenn has been added to the links section along with a new friend who hosts site on her own doamin!!) So chaeck the links page for them ^_^ Secondly, another new friend has decided to take action against the Warner Brothers (WB) network taking Card Captors off the air and has proposed that we rally the support of all the fans around here via a petition I beg all of you who love the show to sign!!!.

Last Updated: August 8th -12:03 PM

How come nobody checks the counter? *cries* I've gotten over 200 hits not, and nobody e-mailed me the 100th hit. I was looking forward to making an award for the special number. Seeing as 200 has been passed now, I'm waiting on the 300th hit for the same thing. Look carefully guys!.

Last Updated: August 5th -3:50 AM

Welcome to the Newly Re-vamped Gemini! So yes, I've finally worked around my infuriating Scholastic Schedules (Yes, I took summer school too!) long enough to fix mine and my cousin's long neglected site. I certainly hope it's can be considered a little less unsightly than the previous layout. I'm so tired....I've put in alot of work in place of sleep to get this out to any fans as fast as I could manage....I really REALLY hope you guys find it worthwhile. Drop me a line once in a while: